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How to use?

Find a Product

On the top right corner, you will find the search button; Click on it, type a keyword e.g. floor finishes, external walls, windows… and start browsing. You can sort and filter your results depending on the rating criteria you want to focus on

Compare a Product

Compare up to three building products. Choose the products you want to compare from the existing database and a graphic summary of each of their rating will be displayed. You can save the products you have compared and receive a BPI Rating for the materials you have chosen by creating an account.

Add a Product

You can add a product by creating an account. After your account is created, click on the add product tab, there you can complete and submit a product application. You can edit the product details in your application and submit it once it is complete. Complete applications will be evaluated and a rating will be assigned to the building product.

Rate a Product

Get your product's rating by creating a "supplier" account. After your account is created, provide as much information as possible to obtain its ratings.

BPI Rating aims to make it easy for you to compare and chose products based on credentials and information available. However, we strongly recommend you go deeper on specific credentials and information to get the full details. We provide links and references to where you can find more specialised and specific information about the compliance, performance, resilience and sustainability of the product or supplier.

When you have found the right product for you, get in touch with the supplier for more information or a quote.

Account Registration Steps

The diagram below shows the steps to sign up and register a vendor account at BPI:

BPI account registration steps

Contact to set up your subscription and analytics account

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