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Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Categories : Compliance Performance Strategy | Tags : Fire Safety , Hazards , NCC , ISO 834-1

Some types of products require fire or flammability testing including cladding, curtain walls, dampers, glass, insulation, plumbing, roofing and more. Testing might be necessary before these products can be accepted for installation. Additionally, there are specific aspects that have to be managed in a building for it to be safe during a fire. The National Construction Code (NCC) of Australia provides details of the physical aspects required in a building depending on the type of occupancy. This details are provided to ensure building products have been installed compliant to fire safety measures.

Depending on the type ofbuilding and materials used, the NCC requires a specific flammability index,spread- of- flame- index and smoked developed Index.

ISO 834-1 is the international standard that specifies the general requirements for fire resistance tests in elements of building construction. In Australia, AS/NZS 1530.1 describes the methods for testing combustibility and AS/NZS 1530.2, the methods for testing flammability on building materials, components and structures.

To know the requirements for the materials you are using you can download the complete NCC here.

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